I feel very lucky today.

The sun is shining.

I ran (even if it was only a little bit because my lungs are still weak) over lunch, and lots of people were enjoying the sunshine, even if we were all far apart.

I have windows in my home office.

I have a very cute cat and a very cute husband.

I have Internet access at home and a job that lets me work remotely.

I can cook and bake and have the resources and time to do so.

I have healthcare and no immediate need to see a physician.

My family members have not yet gotten sick, including my grandparents, who are all in their 80s.

I can pay my rent this month and can save whatever stimulus check we’ll be receiving for future downturns.

I might live in a smallish, decidedly unglamorous apartment with annoyingly white walls, but I feel very lucky to stay inside.

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