When a Girl Meets Babka

Late last week, I finally summoned the courage to try babka. Brioche as a dough has always terrified me, but I figured the worst thing I could do was fail, right? I don’t know if that’s really as reassuring as I think it is, but whatever. I used the King Arthur Flour Chocolate Babka Wreath recipe and made two loaves instead of one big wreath.

Pre-knead, post-butter.

I was very worried when I was making the dough. Surely no dough could possibly incorporate so much butter, but my mixer took it like a champ. After all the butter was in, it looked… fairly terrible.

However, after a solid ten minutes of the best kneading a KitchenAid mixer can provide, it miraculously turned into a smooth, shiny dough.

After an overnight nap in my fridge, the dough was ready to become babka.

I overfilled one and underfilled the other, but who cares? It’s BREAD, not a test of character. I used the pans I had, and one was a little bit unDeRbAKed (*Paul Hollywood voice*), but the other was perfect. Not one complainer in the house. And not a total failure, either!

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