Sourdough? More like SourNO.

I’ve been struggling to find a sourdough recipe I enjoy for nearly two years now. All the loaves I’ve made have been more than edible, but I’ve struggled to find one that has that classic sourdough taste and also has amazing structure. Most recently, I tried two iterations of a base recipe from King Arthur Flour.

After I made the base dough, I let it rise at room temperature for 60 minutes, then stuck it in the fridge. After four hours in the fridge, I divided the dough in half, shaped half into a ball and stuck it into a floured banneton (henceforth referred to as Bread 1a), and tossed the other half (henceforth referred to as Bread 1b) back into the fridge for additional flavor development.

Bread 1a sat at room temp for a few hours, then was scored and baked in a dutch oven at 425 for 20 minutes (with lid) and an additional 8ish minutes (without lid).

Bread 1a Rating
Taste: 4/10, not very sour and too little salt
Crumb: 3/10, not impressive in the slightest
Appearance: 5/10, okay color and shape

Would I make again? What changes would I make?
I would consider making this recipe again, but I’d add more salt.

Bread 1b sat in the fridge until morning rolled around, about 22 hours in total. After that, the loaf was shaped, put in a floured banneton, and left on the counter for a few hours until the dough returned to room temp-ish. The same baking method was used.

Bread 1b Rating
Taste: 5/10, still too little salt but slightly more sour than Bread 1a
Crumb: 3/10, identical to Bread 1a
Appearance: 6/10, slightly better color than Bread 1a (due to a few more minutes in the oven)

Would I make again? What changes would I make?
I think the additional time in the fridge helped the flavor of this bread, but the criticisms of Bread 1a still apply to this loaf. Not nearly enough flavor for me.

Next steps: try a new base recipe!

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