Probably the Easiest Dinner Ever

Roasted sausage and veggies is probably my favorite weeknight meal to make. It uses up all the veggies we get from our CSA and is easily adaptable to whatever ingredients we have on hand. All you need is smoked sausage and a ton of veg. You can use carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, zucchini,Continue reading “Probably the Easiest Dinner Ever”

Sourdough? More like SourNO.

I’ve been struggling to find a sourdough recipe I enjoy for nearly two years now. All the loaves I’ve made have been more than edible, but I’ve struggled to find one that has that classic sourdough taste and also has amazing structure. Most recently, I tried two iterations of a base recipe from King ArthurContinue reading “Sourdough? More like SourNO.”

I Fucking Love Meal Planning

I am not sorry for cussing in the title of this post. I emphatically *do* love meal planning. I like everything about it. Generally, I plan from Thursday-Thursday since Wednesdays are for leftovers/salads, and we also receive our weekly CSA box on Wednesday afternoons. Here’s what we’re eating this week: Thursday- Instant Pot Korean beefContinue reading “I Fucking Love Meal Planning”

Banana Bread is Infallible

Banana bread is solid. Provided that you have a good recipe, a reliable oven, and a bowl, it just won’t fail you. I feel like everyone makes banana bread pretty much the same way, but here’s my recipe: Ingredients½ cup unsalted butter1 cup sugar2 eggs3 ripe bananas1½ cups flour1 tsp baking soda½ tsp salt½ tspContinue reading “Banana Bread is Infallible”