I’m pleased to report that I found an excellent sourdough recipe. I discovered Turner.Farm on Instagram the other week and tried the sourdough recipe detailed in a pinned story. I’ve made the base recipe twice now, so here it is! Levain135g water135g flour27g starter Mix together levain, cover, and let sit until bubbly and active.Continue reading “Sour-YAY”

I Fucking Love Meal Planning

I am not sorry for cussing in the title of this post. I emphatically *do* love meal planning. I like everything about it. Generally, I plan from Thursday-Thursday since Wednesdays are for leftovers/salads, and we also receive our weekly CSA box on Wednesday afternoons. Here’s what we’re eating this week: Thursday- Instant Pot Korean beefContinue reading “I Fucking Love Meal Planning”


I feel very lucky today. The sun is shining. I ran (even if it was only a little bit because my lungs are still weak) over lunch, and lots of people were enjoying the sunshine, even if we were all far apart. I have windows in my home office. I have a very cute catContinue reading “Lucky.”

Banana Bread is Infallible

Banana bread is solid. Provided that you have a good recipe, a reliable oven, and a bowl, it just won’t fail you. I feel like everyone makes banana bread pretty much the same way, but here’s my recipe: Ingredients½ cup unsalted butter1 cup sugar2 eggs3 ripe bananas1½ cups flour1 tsp baking soda½ tsp salt½ tspContinue reading “Banana Bread is Infallible”

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